Itinerary Management Mobile App

Trav List Application

TravList serves our corporate traveler as an itinerary management app, catering for all his journey needs in one place. TravList offers for our travelers a single place to easily manage all the details of their trips.

TravList works as a travel assistant, has real-time access to flight information, travel terminals, hotels, check in / out, weather conditions, local time, interactive maps, currency converter, flight modification alerts, or any other updates available for client’s journey.

For what we use TravList

  • Use it to automatically deliver useful information to our customers, be permanently in touch with them, while letting them manage their travel plans from their smartphone.
  • Send all the information about the trip directly to the customer’s mobile phone, offering a 360° experience. All the information about trips, flight notifications, points of interest, restaurants, special offers and so on, are delivered to TravList automatically.
  • We use segmentation tools to send notifications with additional purchases or offers to enhance the travel experience and retain our customers

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