Public Events

A public event is a chance to show the image of your company and will leave a lasting impression in the minds of those you care about, unlike any other marketing strategy.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Destination and venue consultancy
  • Incentives ideas and concepts
  • Incentives planning and management
  • Air tickets booking
  • Meet and greet in the airport
  • Private transfers
  • VIP facilities
  • Accommodation selection and booking
  • Local authorization
  • Renting public areas
  • Security
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Security
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Event production and logistic: fences, ecological toilets, washstands, containers, privacy mesh
  • Gates for public access, tickets sells, promotes
  • Professional photographers
  • Promotional materials
  • Media and PR services
  • Stage design and production
  • Production services: banners, flags,
  • Local and international MC and artists
  • Hostess.

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